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Tri male in Georgia - URGENT

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This little guy needs help. It was stated by a shelter volunteer on the FB group that he is scheduled to be euthanized by 8:30am tomorrow morning (Aug 17). They can put a hold on the euth if a rescue/adopter calls by 8:30am and states they are going to pull/adopt him. Then, and only then will they give him time for the rescue/adopter to pick him up.


I hope a rescue or anyone is willing to step up. I would take him, but I live way over here in WA... If an amazing transport got together...







***URGENT*** in Valdosta GA. This male border collie was surrendered to the shelter today but there is no room for him in the adoption rooms. He will need an adopter or rescue ASAP since this shelter is a very high intake and small shelter

. Please call the shelter and ask for Michelle if you can rescue or adopt him. 229-671-2760 The fee is only $105.00 and that will cover about $300.00 worth of vetting. If there is no answer, please leave a message.

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What saddens me is people actually drop their dogs off at a kill shelter, knowing they may not be adopted. :( I'm so glad he made it out.

Me too. Can't help wondering about the dog in the cage with him. What a shame that people do this.

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