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falling apart

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I had my wisdom teeth last wednesday and they still bother me somewhat. I finally made it back to agility practice last night and I seriously bruised my muscle in my leg. I am so depressed, why do these things happen one after the other!! I wanna be healthy again so I can enjoy our classes........grrrrrr, I'm gonna try to ignore the pain for tonights class *sighs*

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Zebbie, I had to do agility for a year with a frozen shoulder. At one point I could barely raise my arm, but it did get better. I do know how you feel. If it helps you feel any better there is a lady in our club who has MS and she works her dog from a motorised wheelchair. Now, she does have problems as she started out fit, then had to use crutches and is now chair bound. Not only does she have that to contend with but some competition organisers won't allow her to take part in trials. I do appreciate that to each individual their problem is the worst, but at least you and I will be 100% again.

love, Val and the girls

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