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Hi All,


Just found out my local pet store is carrying Back to Basics and I was wondering if anyone has any reviews on the food? They also are now carrying Blue Wilderness, which is comparable to the TOTW I feed now, but the BTB seems to be a way higher quality feed then those two.


I'm trying to decide if I should switch to Blue Wilderness as getting TOTW requires at least a 45 minute drive one way plus downtown traffic plus a steep grade going up coming home (and at least its fairly comparable in ingredients) or if the extra $10-$15 for the Back to Basics is worth it.



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Back to Basics seems like a good food. I would try it if they carried it here locally, I just haven't seen it. I think it's worth trying if it will save you a 90 min. round trip drive. If you really like the TOTW, you might ask your local store if they would carry it or order it for you. I've done that before and they were happy to oblige.

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I tried it once when it was on sale at a local store. Seemed like pretty good food, but a bit pricey here too.


FWIW, if a local store won't carry TOTW, you might want to look into ordering it online. I've used doggiefood.com and mrchewy.com and have been very please with both. Both have free shipping if you order $50 or more and Doggiefood.com regularly has 15% off codes too.

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