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Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I have 3 dogs a Bordercollie, a shitzu and a bordercollie lab mix. I have always had dogs all of my life but this is the first time i have been introduced to the bordercollie. I have to tell you i am amazed. I have little training experience but i heard training the bordercollie comes easy. Well i havent found it so. One question I have is pertaining to the bordercollie/lab, she is still a puppy and chews all of the time. She has chewed a pair of my DH's shoes. He has got another pair, but i was wondering if i should keep them and let her chew them to keep her away from other things, or would that just entice her to chew. Any help would be appreciated thanx.

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Welcome to the Boards. You will find an immense amount of information if you take the time to read past topics. Use the search function to hone in on specific topics of interest to you - or just read them all! :)


With regard to your shoe question: IMHO, I would not let a puppy chew on people shoes - even after they have already destroyed them. You should provide your puppy with dog-specific chew toys - that are separate and unlike your personal possessions. Your puppy needs to learn the difference - or else she may just keep going back and getting more shoes.


You have to get pretty tough toys. When my dog was a puppy, stuffed toys were destroyed in less than 5 minutes. In my experience, the black Kongs are pretty indestructible. To make the Kong more interesting to your pup (and to make it last longer), fill the cavity with canned dog food or similarly textured dog food and then freeze it. It will take the dog a much longer time to lick the good stuff out of the cavity if it is frozen. Buy a couple of Kongs so one (or some) can be freezing while the dog plays with another.


You may also want to learn about the advantages of crating for puppy training. Search for past topics that deal with crating.

Good Luck,


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I second Jovi's advice!! Another thing that I have used, and still do, is deer antler. I have an avid hunter in the family so I have a steady supply for my dogs. It takes them a while to chew them down also. Just a suggestion.

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