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Old Dog problem

Tommy Coyote

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Poor thing.


I've had her on antibiotics twice and it clears up - and then comes right back.


She is old and overweight and the vet said this is pretty common. I would never even have noticed but the vet did. Her skin is in folds and bacteria gets into the folds.


I have been wiping her down twice a day with a really mild antiseptic wash - making sure to wipe the inside of the folds and I think that is helping.


Anyone else ever run into this with their old dog?

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I am assuming you are describing an exterior bacterial problem, not one that has traveled up to the bladder? (although that could certainly happen)


I have an old female dog (almost 15) who has a juvenile vulva. I had never heard of this condition until about 6 months ago when I took her in to the vet for what turned out to be a UTI. A juvenile vulva also presents as folds where the bacteria can grow (and then may travel to the bladder). My vet says that there is a high correlation with early spaying and juvenile vulva.


To get back on topic: It sounds like you are on the right path - keeping it clean by washing with an antiseptic. Sanitary clipping of hairs. Depending on how bad it is, I might even vet-wrap the tail area to provide more airflow to the affected area until it heals. If anaerobic bacteria are the problem, or part of the problem, the more airflow, the better.


I would also be thinking about a longer lasting anti-bacterial treatment. Maybe try Vetericyn? Recently I saw that Vetericyn now comes in many different preparations: one of which is longer lasting than the original liquid (watery) spray. Here is the link:


Please note: I have not tried this, but have used Vetericyn in the past and have been pleased.


Best of Luck,


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Poor baby, indeed. What a pain in the you know what!


Try wiping her after every squat to urinate that you see, even with sterile water and a sterile pad. That might help a bit more than just twice a day, but I think you're on the right path.


If you're not giving her doggy probiotics, that might help, too.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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FWIW, I walk with a lab who gets an irritated rear end from time to time. Her owner gives her yogurt during the flare-ups, and though she's not sure it does any good, it seems to do some good. I'm guessing it's the probiotics. (??)


Good luck!



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Hey, can you say the word vulva in public?

I wondered about that. And then I thought, "What the Heck."


I think it might be more common than people realize. I would have never noticed because Ellie doesn't act like it bothers her at all and it's always covered up with hair.


She is so hard to work with. I usually have about 3 seconds before she gets mad and thows a fit.

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We've seen several older females recently with this issue. The things they all have in common are that they are fairly old and overweight. It might help to try and get some weight off her so there is less extra skin in that area. Also, clipping away the hair that is close in that area so more air gets around there. I would also look really closely to see if she could be leaking a bit of urine and causing moisture around that area.

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