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Debbie Meier

Starke Family Cattledog Trial

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Rudy Starke along with his family and friends hosted an open field cattledog trial at their place in Alliance, Nebraska. It was a point/time USBCHA sanctioned trial, places were determined by number of points earned by completeing requirements such as fetch panels, drive panels and other obstacles, ties were broken by time.


The 2012 USBCHA Nat'l Cattledog Champion Ryn took home another trophy!


John Holman will be hosting another USBCHA sanctioned cattledog trial next weekend at the Dawson County Fair, Lexington, NE, and we have on this weekend here in Alden, IA


The Starke family trial had a good turn-out; it was a good trial aside from the 100 degree temps.


Open (23 entries)

Tim Naasz-Ryn 120 5:31

Bob Johnson-Ruby 120 6:37

Rudy Starke-Charlie 120 6:38

Tim Naasz-Zoey 120 6:44

Bob Johnson-Jazz 120 6:50

Murray Ketteler -Roy 120 6:54

Rudy Starke-Shep 120 7:04

John Holman-Lee 120 7:25

Murray Ketteler -Grizz 120 7:38

Luke Walkenshaw-Boe 120 8:16

Luke Walkenshaw-Tell 120 9:09

Rudy Starke-Wrangler 105 8:25

Dan Korf-Tater 105 10:00

Bonnie Mitts-Mirk 75 10:00

Curtis Dukes-Duce 75 10:00

Larry Edwards-Stripper 75 10:00

Jerry Davis-Rita 75 10:00

Bill Stone-Jade 45 10:00

Curtis Dukes-Jess retired

Murray Ketteler-Kate retired

Bonnie Mitts-Gotch retired

Cappy Pruett-Sioux retired

Laura Hicks-Rock retired


Nursery (6 Entries)

Rudy Starke-Charlie 100 7:01

Luke Walkenshaw-Tell 100 10:00

Curtis Dukes-Tuff 50 10:00

Rudy Starke- Rock 15 10:00

John Jolman-Roy

Bill Stone-Fats Retired


Pro-Novice (9 Entries)

Murray Ketteler-Clue 75 6:41

Jerry Davis- Bailey 55 5:45

Bill Stone-Dude 55 time

John Holman-Roy 50

Bob Johnson-Blue 45 6:34

Bob Johnson- 30 3:56

Dan Korf-Gertie 30

Bill Stone-Jessie 10

Rudy Starke-Lexy retired


Novice (3 Entries)

Randy Starke- Lucy 30 8:06

Jeff Meer 15 4:47

Eric Delzer-Whip retired

This is unofficial; I want to thank everybody for coming along with Jackie Walkenshaw & Judy Stone for judging & timing, Randy, Joe & Orin Starke for setting out

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