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I wasnt planning to get a puppy. I was just going over to Cynthia P's farm to visit with my friend Krisk and watch her pick her puppy. Of course, there was one little gal who caught my eye and the rest is history.


We named her Breeze. This is not a silly puppy. She is a miniature border collie. She is a dead serious, all business type of dog, until she sees a new person. Then she turns into the biggest wigglebutt sweetheart and gets all cuddly and lovey. Then she's right back to trying to restore order to the universe.


On her second day home, she was bossing the adult dogs off their water dish. My big dogs are not quick to correct her and Spot is downright afraid of her. Bree will pull his soft spanielly ears and make him cry. No doubt who the top dog is going to be around here, altho with people she is very compliant.


We live on a farm and Breeze is learning how to interact properly with all the farm animals. She is very confident and quick to understand. Krisk and I often compare our puppies and we agree on one thing....


Cynthia P did a great job on rearing these pups!

They came to us already so well socialized that living with them has been a great joy. I'm really happy with my new little girl and I am looking forward to seeing how far we can get as a sheep herding team someday.

post-4927-095411200 1343175799_thumb.jpg

post-4927-078267000 1343176642_thumb.jpg

post-4927-036462900 1343177231_thumb.jpg

post-4927-070932300 1343177851_thumb.jpg

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By 'miniature Border Collie', do you mean that she's just really small, or do you really mean Miniature Border Collie, like Mini-Aussies?

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Natalie Labelle has been kind enough to take us on as students. Wren is progressing well and Breeze will start when she is older. She is very keen to work. There's been a few times when I've asked Wren to Lie Down when we are out in the fields with the stock. Breeze will clamp down right along side Wren and stay there until I release them. Not bad for a 13 week old pup.

Bree is just also a lot of fun to have around. Training her has been a Breeze.

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Congrats on the new puppy, Jo!!! You can tell from her pictures what a serious little puppy she is! And how beautiful!


You better not slack with documenting her transformation to a grown up dog - we need at least monthly pictures!


BTW Krisk, this applies to you as well!

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She's adorable.

And I love it that she is all serious until a human being comes along and then she turns into a wiggle worm. Sounds as though she will have a great personality!

Ahhhh! Puppy Envy!


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