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So cute, I just had to share -


Juno's toys were scattered all over the house (the kids engage her in toy play all the time!), so I decided it was time to find them a home in a basket, tucked on a shelf. Juno didn't see me put them away, but later was looking all around the living room for her toys. She spied the ear of her stuffy sticking out of the basket, so she grabbed the basket handle in her mouth and slid it off the shelf.


Juno was so delighted to find all of her toys inside! She gave a little hop & twist, then pulled out the toys one by one to bring to the children. She now will go straight to the basket when she wants to chew, pull it out by the handle, and root around until she finds her fave chew toy. When she wants the kids to play with her, she gives them a meaningful stare and then heads for the basket. And when our beagle decided to play with Juno's stuffy, Juno grabbed it from her and dropped it into the basket for safekeeping!

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What I love most is that Juno figured this all out on her own. She never saw me put the toys away in the basket that first time. She never saw me slide the basket out. I never captured/rewarded the behaviour or gave her any cues. And, she decided all on her own to put her toys back in the basket.


I'm astounded by her cleverness!

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