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One spot in the Scott Glen Clinic being held at Big Yellow Boots Farm in Portage WI this weekend (Saturday 6/30 and Sunday 7/1) has opened up.


Please contact John Wentz for more information:


Phone: 608-697-3681 or send an email to his phone 6086973681@email.uscc.net

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If anyone wants to do a shearing demo for my husband on Sunday in Embro (at the Embro highland games), he'd drive all the way to WI to do a clinic...


Have Mini and a few border collies, will travel!


But alas, we will have to settle for men in kilts, watching friends of ours do the herding demo while we do the shearing demo.


Have a great time!



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If only I'd known--I'd have swung by Wisconsin on my way home from the Scott Glen clinics I attended in Michigan over the past several days! :D


Aw, too bad! Yeah, the last 3 years (I think) Scott comes from the MI clinics to give one or two in WI on his way home. I am going. I really enjoy Scott's clinics.

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