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I have certainly forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house. Jazz was my first puppy and he was a hard headed BC from the start. Of course, most of it was my own inexperience. He turned out be a wonderful dog and I still miss him after two years.

However, Flint is different. I think a lot has to do with his early socialization with CynthiaP. He is a clown for sure, but also thoughtful. He learned his name in less than a day and responds to it quickly.

the introductions are going better - last evening, Flint was tearing around the fenced yard while Dusty was there. There is interest on both sides but Dusty is still too snappy to be left alone with Flint. Cricket is also coming along - she and Flint shared treats sitting side by side.

He has learned to have a collar on and was fairly good with a long line. Most of the time, he is free to wander around within limits. Tall grass is a joy - he's had his first run in with BURRS!! so he learned about being brushed! :)

As for the ducks...they have learned not to run...so Flint doesn't chase. If they walk...he walks behind them very calmly. It is easy to see his mind working - I can't wait until he's old enough to be with sheep.

All in all, it's been a good first week and I'm looking forward to many, many more!

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