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He's home!

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After a LONG, 1,100 km round trip yesterday, I arrived home with Mr. Puppy #3 :D He is a charmer! and was absolutely a delight on the trip. Needless to say, he was full of energy when we arrived home but settled down again nicely overnight. Just to make things interesting, we have to attend a family bbq today..and he gets to tag along. I wonder how he will manage with my dog loving nieces and nephews..all young adults but will fawn over him for sure! Photos to follow.

Life is going to be interesting - thankfully I have 2 weeks off work to get adjusted :D

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Okay...here's a rather crumby picture that doesn't do him justice at all....but you'll get the idea :) He's definitely a tri...and from what I can see...he will be a medium rough coat...and crossing my fingers that he has 'floppy ears'... :)

post-3503-099705400 1339943027_thumb.jpg

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He still has no name...but Clown comes to mind :) He is a total delight - Thanks CynthiaP!!! He was the hit of the family BBQ yesterday. He LOVES to hide under things, and he thinks the broom is a great play toy! Now, if we can get the other dogs to be find him as much fun as I do, life will be good! We are working on the introductions slowly and I'm hoping by the end of the week, the integration will be complete. He was frightened of the Muscovy ducks yesterday..but today, he was trying to figure out if they were 'chaseable'. Since my drakes are bigger than him, we stopped that idea right away!

It's been a long time since I've had a puppy - I forgot just how much fun they are.

Here he is outside yesterday....

post-3503-075834400 1340069606_thumb.jpg

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