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1st Agility Trial

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Rocket and I participated in our first agility competition this morning. We started agility training in March, and we aren't quite ready for Standard. So, for our first time we did JWW- preferred height. To my amazement; we Q'd and she did her weaves correctly on the first try. I did have to babysit the weaves; and everyone laughed at my "weave pole dance". You'd be surprised how much hip shaking is involved. This is a week of firsts....herding clinic last weekend and agility this weekend! There were no other 16" dogs so we got a 1st place ribbon too... Only two dogs, including Rocket, Q'd in Novice A anyway; so I'll take that blue ribbon thank you!


Hopefully this is the first step of many.

post-11563-066917800 1339785744_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for all the well wishes. Rocket REALLY wanted to jump down out of the truck. So, getting her to look at the camera was a royal pain! I promise she normally looks pretty happy.


Maybe all the stars will align and I cant get my title on Sunday? I shouldn't jinx myself by saying anything...

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