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BCs missing after traffic accident in Arizona - please share

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I was just coming here to post this as well. The dogs belong to a well-known agility competitor named Elicia Calhoun. Her and her dogs were in a crash and two of the dogs pictured on the link above are missing - the red one (BC) and the blue merle one (Aussie with tail). Please share this with anyone with connections to AZ.

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This info has already been posted on ABCR 's facebook page. Narita, from these boards lives in the area near where the accident occurred in Wilcox. She is also aware of this tragedy. Hoping for the best.






Update on Elicia Calhoun. She has checked herself out of the hospital and there are many out searching for the two missing dogs.
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I've been watching the FB page for this most of the evening while I study for an exam. One of the members started a fund for Elicia to help with vet, medical, and automobile costs. I don't know the particulars of the person who created the account, and I am hoping like hell they are trustworthy. The fund went from about 300 dollars raised an hour and half ago to OVER 5000 dollars now. The events, while tragic, have also been very revealing about the agility community, border collie community, and use of social media. Someone even offered to pay for a helicopter search. I hope they find the last dog soon!



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This makes it very hard not to weep. It could so easily be any of us. Reading the Facebook feed on the group dedicated to this search is both heartbreaking and inspiring.


Keep those good thoughts and prayers going, people.


~ Gloria



I saw this when i came into work am so upset

we are leaving to drive from NC to NY in the am with our dogs for CPE Nationals it really makes you

think this tragedy could be anyone of us no matter how careful you are godspeed to her and the dogs

theres chipin fund for those of you that can help out I am sure she will have expenses to cover and does not need to worry over that also.

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Anyone who knows any ranchers in the area, the dog was spotted heading north towards some cow farms. Here is the latest...


Toby has been spotted moving away from the crash site she's heading somewhat north but we can't tell if it's West or east towards title so anyone who knows any of the ranchers north of I-10 please get them on the lookout for the dog going in with the cows

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