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Welcome Annie!

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Hello all! It's been a pretty long time since I've posted anything. I have an almost 8 year old BC mix named Tiga. I'm not sure if anyone is still around from when I used to post more. Tiga is doing great. He tore his ACL back in 2010 and has recovered really well from that.


On Sunday we welcomed Annie to our family. She is a 12 week old BC/Collie mix. She looks exactly like Tiga when he was a puppy. I sometimes have to look twice at pics and sometimes I look at her and think I've gone back in time. She is so fun. It's a lot of work but I know it'll be worth it. I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy. She was unexpected and sudden but she seems to be fitting in well.


She got an overall good bill of health but has fleas, worms and a UTI. We're taking care of all of these things and she seems to be coming around.


Here are a couple of pics of her along with a puppy pic of Tiga and a current one of him for comparison. I think one of them is sideways but I don't know how to fix that. LOL!


Thanks for reading. I'm sure I'll have questions again this time around.

post-4302-050220100 1339122723_thumb.jpg

post-4302-020845400 1339122734_thumb.jpg

post-4302-073898300 1339122746_thumb.jpg

post-4302-021084900 1339122829_thumb.jpg

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Thanks! Tiga is doing ok actually. She seems to bring out the puppy in him. He really slowed down after his surgery and this seems to have picked him up. They play quite a bit and they run a lot in the backyard. He has "told her off" a few times when he doesn't want to play and he can be a bit aggressive over food if we're not careful, but overall I think he knows she's here to stay and has accepted it.


Annie is a handful. She's been really itchy to the point of crying and it's keeping her awake at times as well. We're headed back to the vet in a few minutes about that. Sigh. I hate to think that I might have 2 allergic dogs.

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She not a shelter pup but she is a rescue. I saw an ad someone posted looking to re-home her. I was smitten with her immediately. The guy giving her away said he has kids (1 of them an 11 year old boy) that were not treating her very well. Yelling and such. She is pretty nippy and generally a puppy so I can see how that wasn't a good mix. She was meant to be with us. <3

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