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Hi there! Meet Karly

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Hi all! I just wanted to write a quick introduction now that my account has been verified and I can actually post! :D


I have a 5 year old border collie mix (we think with golden retriever, but who knows). Until recently I also had a senior chihuahua, but sadly he has passed away. After a bit of time I decided I would like to go back to having a two dog household, and chose to get a border collie. All of the traits I love and admire in Karly are the ones that are often associated with border collies; she is extremely, extremely intelligent, eager to please, and just a very happy dog in general. It was a little work in the beginning (she was a rescue, and I got her when she was 2 or so) but I wouldn't trade any of the frustration, knowing what a good dog she became and is. She's like my own child, and I love her with all of my heart.


I'm excited to add another family member, but am still in the "learning" stage right now. I've been reading here and doing a lot of research. It's been awhile since I've had a puppy, but I feel confident and able. I recently inherited my great grandparents' farm, and once that is live-in ready, the real search will begin. I've decided to get a male, as Karly responds best to them (she is spayed), and a puppy. My main concern is finding one from a reputable source. I am not against rescuing but am looking for a younger dog this go around... I adopted my chihuahua at the ripe age of 14 and it was a bit of a heartache. That, and the fact that I also have two house rabbits (Holly and Hugh, 1 year and 6 years respectively, both altered) and a trio of pet rats (Russell, Monroe, and Reid), I feel my odds are a bit better getting a younger dog as far as having everyone live peacefully.


But for now, until we begin our real search, I'll just be here, soaking up the wealth of knowledge this forum has to offer. :)


Here are a few photos of Karly:


She's very tolerant, as you can see.



With my late Chihuahua.



With the rabbits last Halloween



And with one of the rats. She is unamused.



In the snow with one of my past foster puppies


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