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Red Border Collie

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She's listed as "adopted" not as available.




ok...someone explain this to me. A friend sent me the info to pass along. If she is already adopted, why is she listed on petfinder instead of just removing her??? I obviously didn't read carefully...but it goes on to describe her as if she were available. I'd like to know so that I don't make the same mistake again.



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I'm no expert on Petfinder, so maybe someone who actually maintains a PF site can chime in, too.


But it is my understanding that some organizations choose to update the animals' status on PF (from adoptable to adopted) instead of just removing their listings, as a quick and easy way to let people know what has happened (i.e., that the animal is "safe" and was not euthanized).


There are two places to check to see the animal's current status. One is at the top of the listing (I added the boldface for emphasis):


Border Collie: An adopted dog in Pittsburgh, PA


The other is in the page header at the to top of your browser window (my bold again)::

Petfinder Adopted Dog | Border Collie | Pittsburgh, PA | Katie


Hope this helps.

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