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23rd Ocassional Highland SDT

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Dear Fellow Sheepdoggers,


Some brave souls may be considering our sheepdog trial, hence: this info:


For 23 years we have had novice classes at the Highland Occasional Sheepdog Trial. Not this year. The sheep and field are too difficult.


This year we will have three open trials Labor Day Weekend: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 1,2 &3 September.

Judge: Sherry Farster. Set out team: Julie Poudrier and Deb Crowder. Polypay ewes. 15 minute course, split, pen, shed.



Saturday; everybody gets fresh sheep. I’ll put the entry up sometime in June. Fifty dog limit, third dog entered separately. If we’re overbooked, those who sign on for all three will float to the top of the pile. We’ll feed you breakfast and lunch, good dinner Saturday night, less good Sunday night. For grub, we’re the only game in town; if you can’t eat certain foods, bring your cooler.


Big rigs welcome, no hookups. Accommodations are Barbara Ray’s cabin http://www.bigbendfarm.com/cabin.htm Fort Lewis lodge http://www.fortlewislodge.com/ and next door to our farm http://www.berriedalefarms.com/Cabin.html


Both cabins would suit a group. Berridale charges $25 for 1-5 dogs. More dogs? Talk to them.



Book soon or forever hold your peace.


Donald McCaig

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Hmmmm...the nearest towns with hotels/motels might be Staunton, Millboro, or Monterey. Other than the places Donald listed, or camping on site, you'll be driving a little ways to a town large enough to have a hotel. Monterey is ~25 miles and Staunton is ~40 miles. There might also be cabins available in the surrounding parkland--you'd just have to check the park websites. Look in the areas around Williamsville, VA.



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