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I'm posting this on the outside chance that someone who lives in AZ reading this board will be moved to help. ABCR is flooded with dogs and has several more awaiting foster placement.


There's this handsome fellow who I pulled from the local shelter on Mon. He is just as sweet as can be, good with everyone and very low maintenance energy requirement, but he's in rough shape and needs a quiet place to recover while he's being treated for valley fever ( he's not contagious!). He's also painfully thin and lame on two legs due to the VF in his bones. He's about 2 yrs, a total love bug, fine around other dogs. Here he is before getting sprung from the shelter :







Here he is right after:







If you think you can help feel free to pm me.

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Wow. I'm in North Carolina and looking for a smooth-coated female. But I'd foster this guy in a heart-beat. Honest. If you could get him to me, I'll con DH into it. As a foster. He saw me looking at the phot and hummed.

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I extend my sincere thanks to those board members, far and wide, who have offered to foster this super sweet boy. He is in a safe place currently, if less than ideal. We were hoping to find him somewhere more suitable, that is quieter, with fewer dogs and less commotion while he is undergoing treatment and through his recovery. Sadly, he's a mighty sick boy. In addition to the v.f. is in his bones, he's tested positive for tick fever and he is severely underweight, without much appetite. More diagnostic tests are planned. But the good news is, he will get the best of care. He's so happy to be out of the shelter and soaking up the love and even wanting to play. I've made a donation to help with his medical expenses. For anyone else so inclined, there's a donation link on the main page of the ABCR website. You can specify "for Buffet" in the donation notes if you should choose to.



post-3160-031541800 1338048786_thumb.jpg

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