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Clean Run is my bible! :o)

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I know we have a few relative newbies to agility on the board, so I just wanted to give a shout out to Clean Run for anyone who might not be aware of it.




Clean Run operates a Yahoo Group, an online store that sells any agility-related material imaginable, and the best resource of all -- their monthly magazine.


As someone who trains alone at home, I find the magazine and the exercises contained within to be an invaluable resource.


One of my favorite articles is the Backyard Dogs series. It contains drills that don't require a large amount of space to set (about 50' x 50') and fairly simple equipment needs (several jumps, a tunnel and weaves will typically suffice). I've dubbed this my year of the Backyard Dog and am making a point to work as many as I can from current and previous issues.


A couple of nights ago I set up the drill from the most recent (May 2012) issue. We had lots of fun! :)



I appreciate that these drills push me out of my comfort zone and get me to work on skills that I typically avoid when I set up the "same old same old" all the time. We're learning lots of great new stuff -- even Kaiser. :P



Anyhow, just wanted to share this great resource for anyone who didn't know or might be on the fence about the pricey subscription fee. You can learn a lot with these drills and a video camera. I don't have lessons available in my area and this is the next best thing.

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Well drat, it wouldn't let me include Luke's video in that post....


Luke doesn't care for this type of stuff, though, and I don't make him. :P He's eight and has only ever done NADAC in his agility career, so I'll let him stay within his comfort zone. He has fun and that's what is important!




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It looks like the Canadian subscription price is $60/year vs. $48 in the United States.


Alternatively, they offer a digital subscription for $29.95/year. I've considered it as an option to save money, but there is something nice about holding the print edition in your hand... Maybe some day I'll switch over and just print out the exercises I want to use. Seems like it would make a lot more sense!



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I enjoy Clean Run a lot.


When I was new to Agility I found it rather intimidating, and I didn't understand a lot of the articles, but as I've gotten more experience, I've grown into appreciating the vast majority of the articles.


It also seems they are diversifying their articles a bit more than since I first subscribed.


I've kept every issue, and I go back frequently when I want perspectives on a certain training challenge, or if I'm thinking about a different approach. It's an excellent resource.

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A friend of mine recently undertook the GIGANTIC project of going through all of her back issues, ripping out and categorizing the articles and drills.


It turned out *so nice.* And it *so handy* to be able to thumb through a binder and find exactly what you need.


I want to do it, I really do. But I think I would cry. lol :blink: But I mean really, are my piles and piles of magazines doing me much good in their current form?

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lol That would, indeed, be why I'm pushing us to do these different types of drills these days. :D My giant book of NADAC courses is gathering dust....


I did worry the other day that our distance skills might start to go to pot from lack of practice... Considering that Kaiser needs 2 Chances for NATCH and Secret needs like 6, I probably shouldn't abandon that just yet... Need to find balance, I guess.


Meh, not planning on a NADAC trial until the end of July. We'll have time. ;) Meanwhile we have a USDAA trial on Memorial Day weekend, but just a day. With luck Secret will get her first title and get out of P1 Jumpers! I'm excited to get to the fun courses in Masters/P3. :D

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