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First check your yellow pages for dog training and obedience schools in your area or state.Many also have flyball and agility classes and even their own teams.One of my puppy buyers asked me this for her state and was surprised to discover a school so close to home.Also go to http://muskie.fishnet.com/~flyball and click on Teams,,this will give you each states teams and some will have websites or emails for contact.Good luck



Bartas Border Collies Rogers,Mn.

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You're in a good area for flyball. There are many active clubs in Virginia and Maryland, including No Speed Limit, Capital Punishment, Beltway Bandits, Hairier Jump Jets and New River Express. Most if not all offer beginner sessions or formal classes. Links to their web pages can be found on the Flyball Home Page UpNatEm referred to above.


You may want to consider attending the flyball tournament hosted by No Speed Limit in Westminster, Maryland on June 10 & 11. You can talk to the members of these teams and see what flyball is like in this region. If you decide to come, make sure and say hello. I'm with Triad Dog Sports.


Tony Luper

Summerfield, NC

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Thanks so much! I had tried the yellow pages but did not see anything for clubs

So I tried that website page and found a two that are close to me!!

And I think I will try to go to Westminister.

Thanks a Bunch my pups will love you for it

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