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Urgent!! Pregnant Blue Merle BC Needs Rescue!! Shreveport LA

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Crossposting: Shreveport, LA: "Does anyone know any border collie rescues? I was contacted today by a lady who found a blue merle border collie covered in fleas and ticks. They discovered that she is pregnant (near full term) and she has asked me to find her a rescue or foster home. They said she is shy but sweet. Please contact me at beckysbridge@yahoo.c​om if you can help her - she doesn't want to take her to the pound but she said she'll have to if we can't find a place for her."


Sally at Hulls Haven has agreed to take her if she can get to Canada.


Can anyone help???

post-11042-076972700 1335908733_thumb.jpg

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A rescue transport coordinator in Atlanta is trying to find out if the dog is still available, the info she has received is that the person who found the dog may have "given" her away? Do you know if the dog is still available to rescue? There are two offers to whelp her out as it is doubtful she would make it to Canada in her condition.......perhaps once she has whelped and the pups are better able to travel arrangements could be made to get her to Canada? One offer is in AR and one is in GA........They are working on helping this dog on the Border Collie Rescue Boards

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I don't have any info on the dog. There is no activity I can see of on the Border Collie Rescue Boards re this dog. I did send an email to the person listed in the post with no reply yet. I hope someone can help her. I'm in North Alabama and can help with transport or temp foster.

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