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I have been fedding TTOW for 3 years now. My dogs love it and do great on it but they are made out of the same facory as Diamond and Chicken Soup for the Soul and they have both reacalled here lately. So I have been doing some research. I saw that Fromm was really good so I bought some. They love it even more. The only problem is it is small bites and not sure if that is ok for border collies. They eat slowly but I still worry that they will choke. So I wasn't sure if any of you feed it or know anything about it?

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I feed Fromm's. Not sure what you mean by "small bites"? Do you just mean the kibble size? I have 3 dogs eating it now. 1 is a slow eater, the other 2 eat relatively quickly. (I pick the bowls up for the 2 fast eaters and make them sit and lie down to get their bowls back.)


I have not had any issues with them eating it. I have been feeding Fromm's for 4 years now.


ETA: I also add water in the food.

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Kibble size varies greatly amongst all the brands I rotate between. The only one of my dogs who has an issue with this is the little one -- he doesn't like the round flat shape of Natural Balance, but he deals with everything else well enough.


For my two fast eaters I cover their kibble in water (it floats/sloshes around) to slow them down.

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