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Screen name vomit

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Hi, I'm new. I just registered the other day while on my iThing, which is the reason for my problem. Auto-correct came into play when I tryed to type my screen name and I didn't catch it in time. I was hoping for a screen name of Gideon's girl, instead I got I don't even know what. Can it be fixed or is it too late for me... :(

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So what's the lesson ancient dog? Curious minds...old eyes


Just that the auto spell feature on most of the smart phones will get you in trouble if your not paying careful attention. I have been tripped up by it quite a few times, especially on proper names. You actually have to override it sometimes because the software thinks it knows better what you want to say! :lol:

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Thank you, thank you. I had to google what my iDevice gave me and apparently he was an Italian painter in the 1400s. I'm artistic, but not THAT old. Glad to have my own ID.

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