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K9 Advantix II - Relief!


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I have been using K9 Advantix on my dog since Frontline seemed to stop working on local ticks. Fleas were bad last year, so I've been more determined in following the recommended schedule than I have been in past years.


I had noticed all last summer that the K9 Advantix was really bothering Buddy: he would roll and scratch at his neck for up to a week after application. Plus, there was some horrific-smelling herby (scented geranium-like?) stuff in it - I could smell it from across the room, and I was sure it was bothering Buddy's delicate nose a great deal.


Well, Friday I bought a new supply of "K9 Advantix II", and applied it. No smell. No notable reaction from Buddy except a few gentle scratches at his back - nothing like last year's frantic rolling.


So... whatever is in the "II" formula that different from the original, it seems much easier for the dog to tolerate. And for me. :)



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