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I own a boarder Collie Mix. She is a great pet! Once she begins to recognize you, you are in the pack! She even recognizes the sound of certain friends and families cars and gets excited that they are coming!


This is the thing, if a stranger comes to the door, she goes APE! Even if the person is in the house she is VERY nervous and growls as she sniffs the person!


Trying to make her sit until the guests are settled is almost impossible! I bought a small spray bottle and keep it near the door. It is only filled with water! When I am able to anticipate someone coming to the door I get to the door first and as she hears people coming up the steps she starts to bark and go crazy, I point the bottle at her and she immediately puts on the breaks! I only had to spray her a couple times, she got the hint!



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she may need more socialization, I am not an expert but all dogs need interaction with all kinds of people, and animals and different places. That is one thing I did with my puppy right away, he needs to learn that YOU will decide who is dangerous. I would call a trainer in your area for suggestions.

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