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2012 National Sheepdog Finals

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As in years past, I am hoping and willing to gather some group sponsorships for National Sheepdog Finals. Sponsoring a dog/handler team is a great way to say, "Thanks!" to the dogs and people who help keep the working Border Collie the unique and useful dog that it is, and to support the working-bred dog.


If anyone is interested in going in on one or more group sponsorships, it only takes five people at $25 each to sponsor a handler/dog team (I'm making the assumption that the sponsorship cost is $125 again but haven't found the info on the website yet). I'd be happy to coordinate any again this year if there is enough interest.


As usual, I'd be open to suggestions but would like especially to be able to support handlers who contribute to our forum (that would include the ever-popular Robin French; our expert, Amanda Milliken; others who lend their expertise here).


Please contact me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com.


PS - If anyone is interested in being part of a group sponsorship for National Cattledog Finals, please contact me. Sponsorships there are $125 so five people at $25 works out just fine. We already have one for Anna Guthrie, Stockdog Ranch, from our payback last year with her Raskle's Nursery Reserve Champion win.

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Resurrecting this as the time is drawing near and if anyone wants to be part of a sponsorship, I need to hear now so that we can get it arranged.


Five people at $25 each will sponsor a dog/handler team. Please let me know here, by PM, or by email if you are interested (or still interested, if you responded earlier).

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One more person at $25 and we will have a third full sponsorship!


The third team is yet to be chosen so if you are involved and have a suggestion, please let me know. The two already picked are Lana Rowley and Kell, and Connie Brannen (and either Peach or Rem). Roy Taber and Craig would be a nice choice!

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Hooray - enough people have committed to $25 each that we have raised funds for three full sponorships for National Sheepdog Finals! They are holding Lana Mockler Rowley and Kell in Open; Connie Brannen and Peach in Open; and Roy Taber and Craig in Open for us. So, get those checks to me, ladies, and I'll get the money sent on to Geri Byrne for those three. And, if we get enough additional interest, maybe we can get a fourth!


PS - Don't forget to let me know if you have a preference. I think each of these teams deserves our support but I'll assign sponsors to each team on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Just an update - I've received checks from Jan, Lisa, Ruth and Terry, Patty, Donna, Sharon, Lynn, Vicki, and Jovi. If I haven't received yours, please put it in the mail if you haven't already. As soon as I receive everyone's check, I can send off the sponsorship payments.


Enough people have offered to participate that a fourth sponsorship is a possibility if just a couple more people join in with us. So, if anyone else would like to be part of sponsoring a dog/handler team at just $25 (five people at $25 each can sponsor a team), please let me know asap.


The teams "reserved" for our sponsorships are Lana Rowley and Kell, Connie Brannen and Peach, and Roy Taber and Craig, all in Open. If a few more people join in, we will pick a fourth team.


This is a great way to help show your support for the working Border Collie, the USBCHA, and the 2012 National Sheepdog Finals with a very small contribution that, added to others, makes a difference.


Thanks to all who have responded!



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I've gotten everyone's checks for group sponsorships for the 2012 National Sheepdog Finals (except one later contributor, who knows who she is) - and the great news is that we are sponsoring not one, not two, not three, but four dog/handler teams this year! Lana Rowley and Kell in Open. Connie Brannen and Peach in Open. Roy Taber and Craig in Open. Don Helsley and Jennie in Nursery. Very, very best wishes to our sponsored teams in September!

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For those of you in our groups, especially those who are sponsoring Roy Taber and Craig, you can enjoy seeing them featured on the cover of the latest Working Border Collie magazine, winners of the 2012 Bluegrass Classic SDT.


To win the Bluegrass, a dog/handler team must place well enough in the two, two-day Open trials (approximately 130 entries per trial) to make it to the Final on Sunday, where they compete in a Double-Lift, International Shed Final against the 19 other top combined score teams. The trial is conducted on a field with a 450 yard (approx) outrun, on Texas range sheep.


Roy and Craig showed what a quality team they are, at true partnership, winning this top-quality trial this last May.




PS - Craig's rather dubious look in the cover photo is due to this hard-working dog's confusion at being the center of everyone's attention, sitting on a tabletop. He kept tucking his muzzle under Roy's arm. I love his expression! A nicer couple than Mr and Mrs Taber you will never meet.

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Here are our groups and their teams!


Lana Rowley and Kell (Open) (Lana and Kell are past winners of the National Cattledog Finals and Stockdog of the Year award, sponsored by The Working Border Collie Magazine, and awarded to the dog that places highest in both the Sheepdog and Cattledog Finals in one year)


Ruth Hansell (CA)

Gloria Atwater (NV)

Nancy Ireland (Ont)

Marla Corey (CA)

Cindy Evans (GA)


Connie Brannen and Peach (Open)


Terry Wolfe (CA)

Patti Sumner (WI)

Jovi Larson (VA)

Janet Elliot (CA)

Sue Rayburn (WV)


Roy Taber and Craig (Open) (Roy and Craig are the winners of the 2012 Bluegrass Classic SDT)


Kim Litz (FL)

Sharon Jue (CA)

Lynn Roberts (MD)

Narita Siegel (AZ)

Vicki Kreiter (WI)


Don Helsley and Jessie (Nursery)


Nancy Ireland (Ont)

Karen Rabbitt (VA )

Lisa Rayburn (NC)

Donna Kulawiak (LA)

Angie Jones (KY)

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