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Putting a little weight on a pup??

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I have a 7 month old pup that needs to put on just a few pounds. Of course being a 7 month old baby, he is very active!!! :lol:


I have never had to "fatten" up a dog before, just the opposite.


Does anyone have a suggestions on what I can feed him that will help?

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I agree with Smalahundur. Is someone telling you that he needs to put on some weight? Even some vets think that some working dogs are too lean because they (the vets) are used to pudgy pets. In my (limited) experience and from what I have heard from more experienced BC owners, it is not unusual for an adolescent pup (6-12 months) to look like it comes from Biafra - very skinny. If your pup is energetic, he may be fine.



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No one is telling me that he needs weight put on, I just feel that he is way too thin. From the way he feels when I put my hands on him, if you shaved his coat off, he'd look like a skeleton with skin covering it. You could plan a tune on his ribs and backbone. :unsure:


I too like my dogs lean, but I just think this is too much. People often comment on Belle that they think she is too thin...but she's just fine.


I guess I'll wait a while longer and see if he changes, then address it again.

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Pictures would be helpful, but I'm guessing he is fine. For a growing puppy in particular, I'd much rather they be a bit underweight than a bit overweight. It's much healthier in the long run.


Is he a rather large boy? My bc girl is on the bigger side (47 pounds) and she gets two cups per day (also TOTW at the moment). She is "sport fit." She's also built more like a greyhound than a border collie.... :P





post-11040-057193300 1332782921_thumb.jpg

post-11040-098958800 1332782953_thumb.jpg

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We have two that we need to try to put weight on. One thing that has helped is adding some salmon oil on top of the food. We have also used satin balls (look it up on google) to help with their appetite.


And yes, both of these dogs were too thin...even from my vet who thinks my other 9 border collies are the only correct weight dogs she has!


The age has something to do with it to. I've found the boy dogs at around 9 months start to look like boneracks...


The other one we had to put weight on had lost weight around her skull as well, that tells me they are truley skinny and not just thin



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