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I have two four month old BC puppies (one male, one female), and I'm having only one real problem. Every time I come home, the female gets so excited to see me that she pees all over the floor. She is already trained to scratch the back door when she has to go (smart little bugger), but she can't seem to hold back when I get there. I have no problem with the male.


I am expecting too much from a four month old puppy?


If this is some puppy sign of affection, I'd prefer to be licked in the face.

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She's just happy to see you! What you need to do is not make a big deal when you come home, it will be less exciting.

It seems mean, but don't say hi, no pets, just go in, and let them out to potty.

If htye are crated, wait a few minutes, not forever they are still babies, but don't go to them right away.

What i always do is make a clear path from puppy do door, open the crate and run outside! That way there is no stopping, and thinking about peeing!

Good luck



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Kayla will be 2 in july and I got her when she was 4 months and she does the same thing. First thing I walk in the door we go start outside will little conversation and she knows once she's pottied she'll come running up to me for her greeting.


With age she has improved but she still does it when she's either really excited or apprehensive. But as I said she is doing it less with age.


I have learn to accept this part of her and the rules in our house are, if you make her piddle you clean it up. smile.gif There is a lot worse things that she could be doing so I over look this little part of her.

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Apparently this is common amongst bitches and in a wild pack is considered good manners. This doesn't help our floors and carpets, and in some cases our feet, but your little girls are paying respect to your authority. When Pepsi did this, as suggested above we just walked straight into the house and didn't acknowledge her at all until we'd been inside for a few minutes. She's four years old now and only does this when a friend of my son comes over.

Best wishes, Val and her girls

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My parents Springer Spaniel did that her entire life! She would always wet herself when she saw me or my husband. We used to do what the others here have advised, just ignore her, walk outside then greet her - at which point she'd go all over the place! Unfortunately she died when she was three so we can't tell whether she would have grown out of it (I doubt it), but their previous dog a Springer/BC cross did this for her whole 13 years to just one friend of my parents - so I suppose they never grow out of it. But it's nice to be loved, isn't it?

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