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Bluegrass Classic SDT 2012

Sue R

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I'm posting this also in the General section:


If you have a friend who is running in the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog trial, or an admired dog running, or just would like to remember, memorialize, or celebrate a favorite dog or handler, you can show your support with an ad in the program for $100 (full page) or $50 (half page); be a trophy or ribbon sponsor for $50; sponsor a Novice-field class for $150; sponsor a Nursery class for $200; or sponsor an Open class for $500. The Bluegrass is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious trials in North America - your support will help continue a long tradition of what one UK judge called "national level" trialing here in the eastern United States. Please consider a donation *at any level* to help us fund the 2012 Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial!


PS - If you are interested, you can contact me through a PM here, or (better yet) an email at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com. Group sponsorships are welcome, and I will be happy to "lump" smaller donations together for a class sponsorship or ad!

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