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Southeastern Idaho Stockdog Trainers?

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Hi everybody,


My family is moving to Southeastern Idaho soon and I have ALWAYS wanted to start Athena on sheep. There is no where in Alabama I can. I was wondering if any of you know any trainers near Southeastern Idaho. We will be VERY close to the Wyoming border as well. :)


Thanks all!

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Pat Shanahan is in Caldwell, which is in the southwest it looks likee. Here's his website. If nothing else, I would trust him to point me in the direction of someone closer. I guess Dianne Deal, Orchard Run, is also in Caldwell. Maybe someone else will know of a trainer closer.


I would recommend either Pat or Dianne. I know Pat travels and gives clinics, and I imagine Dianne does as well.



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Patrick and Dianne are the main trainers for Idaho, to the best of my knowledge. Dianne is Patrick's protege, so no matter which you go to, you'll get the benefit of consistent training methods. I've actually heard that Dianne is sometimes favored as a teacher, simply because she's talkative and a very good communicator. I've worked with her in two or three clinics (I live in northern Nevada) and I enjoyed it! :)


Seconding the recommendation.

Cheers ~



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