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Cricket - the assistance dog

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As you may know, I have a very old miniature schnauzer, Zachary. At almost 18, he has a myriad of health issues. Lately, his legs have been weaker and there are times when he can't get himself back up. My DH works nights, so during the day needs to sleep. We have Zachary in an area with mats on the floor so he has more stability. Cricket and Dusty are always kenneled in the dog room at these times. On more than one occasion, Cricket has woken my DH up by "alert" barking. He will get up to find that Zachary was splayed on the floor (off the matted area) and unable to get himself up. Zach isn't barking himself, just making soft sounds.

Cricket has become his guardian angel. As for Zachary, he continues to enjoy his life, although he sleeps alot more and we are dealing with incontinence issues. I don't know how much time we have left with him, but it's comforting to know that when I'm not there, Cricket is watching over him.

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