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I've been rather spotty with working with Kipp this past month, but yesterday I took him out again.


He started out as a dive and bite dog that tended to blow up under pressure.


Yesterday I took Kipp out to the barn before I put the sheep in the pen but once they caught sight of him they were quite reluctant to leave. To compound the issue, someone had moved a large bale of hay in the way of the barnyard gate and they really didn't want to go past that. So I decided to see if Kipp could help. He went into the pen and together we convinced them to go out of the barn. The tighter barnyard quarters didn't bother him too much and he was thinking and working without blowing up under the pressure. Honestly at that point I would have been happy even if we never made the round pen.


We got them out of the barnyard and two of the four split off so he ran out and helped push one back (the other got away, but I wasn't going to push that)


We got three of them in the pen and he proceeded to handle them quite well. He gave them space but kept them under control even though I never got the pen gate shut. a couple times one would think about heading back to the barn, but he wouldn't let them out.


It's so cool watching him figure things out and make progress!

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