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Danie's a dancer!

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Ever since we adopted Daniel, he's had this odd thing he does where he walks between our legs, curls around, etc. Well, the other day I was fooling around and said to him, "Daniel, want to dance with me?" His ears perked up, he jumped up, we did a few steps, he got down, went between my legs, did a few side steps, twirled around twice, then took a bow and made a funny "roo roo" sound! He was so excited. I couldn't believe my eyes! I wonder if someone was training him at one time to compete? I wish he could talk--me thinks he's had quite the interesting life! :D

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this is so cool!

I do Freestyle with my Jes dog, and he absolutely loves it. It sounds as though your dog is a natural. Put on music and dance around with him. You will both have a blast. :)


And......if you treat him for his moves, he'll probably want to do it more often!


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