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jumping and cats

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Steph's Blue:

Sounds like your pup is really intense. We have a male pup, 1yr July1, and he behaves similarly. Problem is that people encourage him to jump up: "That's OK, I like dogs" is the usual reply. He comes to work with me in my sign shop, and some people don't like it. I have modest success with simply telling him to come back to me, and not to jump, but visitors are undoing my training. I think that in time, he'll obey me over the encouragement he gets in the wrong direction.

As to herding cats, I'd guess maybe your dog doesn't have enough to do. We have a similar problem, in that you can't break your dog's attention when it's herding cats, I have trouble getting "Socs" to come back to me if he's run cross field to check out "something".

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