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Well... her adoption just sort of fell into our lap. We're not really sure if she's a Border Collie, but the shelter seems to think so. Of course I've seen my fair share of shelter description and almost anything with black and white is deemed a Border Collie. I dunno, either way she melts my heart. She has just the personality that I was hoping for, mellow, a little reserved but very loving once she gets to know you. Of course this might change as she becomes older, who knows.


She's about eight weeks. I guess they were a drop off at my local shelter. I happened to see them on Sunday posted on petfinder, and I thought, "What the heck I'll go see them" (I had to wait two days before the shelter was open again) so I woke up this morning and drove out to see them, and she just took me... I should have known, but I think I'll be happy this way. The thing that really felt sudden was that I was taking her home today, because typically its a two or three day wait while they fix the dog, but since she was so young, I put a deposit down and will come back later to get her fixed.


Forewarning, I go a little overboard when it comes to photographing animals.








Gah, I just love the freckles on her arms and chest. Too cute.

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She's pretty darn cute. Might be a possibility of ACD in there too. What are you going to name her?


I was thinking that too, I may never know, unless there's like a dog breed genetic test I can do. We'll see as she grows up, what traits she develops.


No name for her yet, any ideas?

Its sort of a theme in our house to name our pets long names with short nicknames.

Our Mal's full name is Nicholas of the North (Although he's as from the south as we are), but just Nick for practical use.

My Cat's name is Andromeda, shortened to Andy (although often lengthened to Andy-Pants)

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Holy cow, she is criminally cute! I just want to snuggle her up and cuddle her and roll her around like a pill bug. :) I second that she kind of looks part Cattle Dog - not just the freckles, but the squareness of her build. However, she may grow into some other look entirely. Meanwhile, treasure and enjoy the adorableness! :)


~ Gloria


I like the name Kate or Katie. :)

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another adorable PUPPY! i see the acd also, and i do love me an ornery cattle dog. so many new cute dogs/pups on the board- don't know if i can hold on much longer, lol

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