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ZOEY IS CAUGHT!!!! We had several sighting today but any time she realized someone was looking at her (even her owners) she would take off again. We set the live trap in the last area she was seen (an open field near a tree line) and we tethered Cooper nearby. We actually ended up flushing her out of the forest (she was sleeping) and she headed towards the field, saw Cooper and ran over to greet and play with him. She smelled the canned food and salmon we had put in the live trap and went in and it triggered!!! OMG the relief is unbelievable. She did have an abrasion on her foot but it doesn't seem to bad (took her to the Vet right away and they cleaned it up and gave her antibiotics).


Thanks for all the mojo and prayers and well wishes.....such a relief!

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Oh, I'm so glad. I was afraid to even post but have been sending our best - even Maggie da Cat's - your way. We're so glad for a happy ending.

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