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A Thoughtful Review of "The Dog Wars"

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Hello everyone,


I feel that Donald McCaig's book, The Dog Wars, should be required reading for anyone who currently owns or is considering owning a Border Collie. After reading this book, they will then be able to make an informed decision regarding any affiliation with the AKC.


Regards to all,


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I also read this book. I would recommend it, not only to those interested in the Border Collie, but to anyone interested in dogs at all. Anything that gets someone to critically examine received beliefs can only be a good thing. Dog Wars is like the Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems of the dog world, and Mr. McCaig its Galileo.

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Just read the review; immediately popped onto Amazon and ordered Mr. McCaig's book. Even though I'm a pet-dog person and not a working-dog person, there's nothing more beautiful or thrilling than to watch a dog do the job it was bred for.


The best dogs I have ever owned throughout my life are my two Border collie mixes. The second is lying at my feet right now. B)

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