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My BC girl becoming overly protective of family

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Just wanted to add my two cents, even though I think everyone else covered the topic pretty well. I have a somewhat shy collie that I got at 12wks of age. She is particularly wary of men. When we are at agility trials she will greet ANYONE and away from home she will greet most people (men included) but at home when a male comes in the house she barks and growls, definitely fear based. What works best for us is to let her decompress for a bit in her favorite hidey spot (under our bed) she can hear a stranger in the house and get used to that. After a few minutes I usually just tell my guest to please ignore the dog and don't make eye contact and let her approach them, once she approaches someone smells them, then they are best of friends. Goofy dog but it seems to work every time.


If we have a lot of people over then it is just keep her in the room, no need to stress her out.

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