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Hi everyone,

not only am I new to these boards, the whole of Germany is still a developing country, if obedience is concerned... that's why I would be glad of any internet sites dealing with it. Any ideas?

I've got a 3-year-old BC who turned out to be pretty keen on boring things like heeling and gets out of himself for sendaways and recalls, but there is not much advice for me and some friends about how not to step on dogs paws on left turns, how to keep the dog from jumping around on the retrieve& things like that...so anything would help.

...by the way, any experience with dogs chewing on that retrieving thing and throwing it in the air on the way back to the handler?

Let me know!

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Guest Dynamite Tess

Oh Uta, aren't those left turns a real pain. I trod on Pepsi in a competition the other day and felt awful. At the moment it is difficult for me to put into action the advice I was given by my trainer because I have small back garden. However, we are moving house in two weeks, and then, having a larger garden I will start straight away. Her advice is to walk in a circle, [no straight lines and no corners] with your dog on the inside, start with a large circle and gradually decrease the size. In England we occasionally use a treat to keep our dogs faces in the correct position. I am a terrible walker. Because I am looking down at my girl I end up walking crooked and my turns are terrible, so now I walk the length of our hallway without the dog to practice. To do a corner with a left turn I am trying, on hearing the command 'left turn' one step forward with the left foot, bring the right foot round and across the top to form a capital T, slide left foot beside and walk off with left.

A girl in my class had trouble with her dog chewing the retrieve item and has over come it simply by using a lot of patience and waiting to praise the moment the dog took a break in the chewing. When her dog returned with the item, chewing like mad, she simply stood there watching but saying nothing. Eventually the dog would take a break she then praised vigourously and took the item before the dog could start again. Hope this is of some help to you. Regards, Val

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