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Boiled wool dog toys

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To save myself trouble, I should just open the seam of any new toy, de-stuff and de-squeaker it, and then give it to the pack to play with. Cow hooves are a mainstay here.




I've seen stuffingless toys for dogs- think a fox that looks like it's roadkill. There was a squeaker inside it though.


My friend's terrier was driven to distraction when someone gave him an 'unbreakable' squeaky toy once. He got really annoyed. It took three days of obsessive work before he finally managed to rip the squeaker out.

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They have that fox toy--got it for the puppy. So far no one has actually tried to chew the squeaker out, so I think it's really the feel of the stuffed toy that gets them chewing it to bits. The funniest thing is seeing one of the young cats dragging the fox along as if it's a fresh kill, lol!



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HaHa- Woolie Dog is Mara's (Maralynn) shop...she posted right above yours & it is a link in her sig:


Kipp & Kenzi

Missy, my good girl 1999-2011

K9 Knitter Woolie Dog


We got our tug from Mara last week and so far it's been a great hit at home. The Bostons play nicely with it and even though Zoe & Stella have tried to pluck fuzzies off it, they haven't been able to. It's frustrating for them but fun for me!


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