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Guest Dynamite Tess

Dear Cujo30

One of my dogs used to be very shy and we are gradually overcoming it. You will need a lot of patience and one tip I found very helpful was along the theme of body language. Try not to intimidate her by towering over her. Crouch down, avoid eye contact [eye contact can be threatening to dogs] and hold out one hand with a treat in it. When she approaches to sniff the treat gently tickle her chest. Never use comforting words if she's cowering or hiding, and don't plead with her to come out. She doesn't understand English and will take your soothing voice as a form of praise that this is an okay thing to do. I made that mistake. If you can enrol her in Agility training. This sport will boost her confidence. At first she may run out of the training ring, mine did, but my husband just silently led her back and carried on. This happened for a few weeks, then one night not only did she stay, but she was eager to run. It had finally dawned on her that jumping hurdles, zipping through tunnels and weaving through poles was a fun thing for a dog to do. I really hope you can get her to come out of herself. Once a shy dog starts to enjoy life it's a joy to see. Regards, Val

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Guest mkcrn

my border collie is also very shy. He stays in the house while I work, sometimes up to 14 hours a day. I used to have a friend let him out, but he won't come out from under the bed!! He holds his bladder the whole time. I feel terrible about it but I don't know what to do. He waits for me by the window in the living room but when he hears the garage door open, he runs under the bed and doesn't meet me at the door. After about 5 minutes he will run out and greet me. He's sure a weird little fellow, but I still love him. Good Luck!

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