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Best way to clean a stained carpet?

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We have a SpotBot for pets. It is a lifesaver. I have a barfy cat also, nothing like coming home from work to 17 cat puke spots. You put it on the spot after picking up all you can. The only issues that I now have "crop circles" where those spots are cleaner than the rest of the carpet. I use less solution than called for and it works very well.

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He says anything that you put in the carpet has to come out or else the build up will draw more dirt or leave a spot in it's self.



I believe this as it seems the spot is "coming up" again. Rather like a spot on a tablecloth you've cleaned and put away. The next time you get it out, the spot is there again.


Saving pennies for a wood floor!



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I used to use Nature's Miracle, but have to drive to the big city to get it now... so I have found that Wal-Mart here sells something called Out! and it works well, they have it in an oxy formula too which works well.

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