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It has been forever since I have been on here. Alex has progressed from aggressive Border Collie you weren't always sure of to a confident, protective, loving, frisbee playing Border Collie. One year ago today my best human friend and the closest thing to family I have was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to the brain. The brain tumor was quickly dealt with and the lung was brought under control. Unfortunately this insidious disease spread elsewhere, the hip and the liver.


During this time my black and white bundle of energy has been so gentle with Jackie. So attentive really keeps an eye on her. She has made herself Jackie's guardian. Jackie has commented on the security she feels because Alex is there with her. And at night this dog who has never felt the need to cuddle jumps into bed with me and cuddles.


I want to thank everyone on this board for the advice as Alex and I were working through our trying times. Your advice helped get us through all that and to where we are today. And every night when I say my prayers I thank God for the Border Collie next to me.


Esox & Alex

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Oh, I am so sorry and sad to hear this, Esox about your best friend and your grief over her illness! You must be absolutely devastated!!!! What a loving perceptive fur angel, Alex is being for Jackie! Bless for being there for Jackie and many hugs to you!!!

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Thank you, Alex, for being there for Jackie during her time of need.


Thank you, Esox, for working with Alex and not giving up on him. During those trying times, if you ever felt like throwing your hands up or asked yourself if it was worth it, you now have your answer.

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