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In the process of trying to find a dog, I have noticed a couple dogs that seemed ok but had their tails tucked under them at times while working. I dismissed them because I didn't think it prudent to buy a dog that seemed apprehensive at home if I am looking for a trial dog. They were around 1.5 to 2 years old. Do you think that is hasty or can that be fixed? If so how would you go about correcting the problem?



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You were hasty in your dismissal of the dogs with the tucked tails. The tail should be tucked. Otherwise, the dogs tail flashing around anywhere in their work, would have to bee seen as a liability. Get a copy of the National Finals video and see if there are more than a handful of dogs in the semis or in the finals, with poor tails.

Many handlers would have too much pride to take a dog to the post whose tail waves in the air for everyone to know he was thoughtless.

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Did they by chance have there heads low to the ground as well and possibly the ears pricked forward and seemed to be focusing intently on the sheep. If so go back and buy it, thats the one you've been looking for all these years ;) But you'd better hurry it might not be there long.


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Intruding only to provide a link to a top working border collie with a low working tail:



That is Suzy Applegate's Buzz, who was the 2008 National Finals Nursery champ, won the Meeker Classic in 2010, and came in 3rd at the National Finals this year.


Just FYI. :)

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