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Photo Contest! Working BC Calendar!

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A group of folks here on the boards would like to put together a Working Border Collie calendar as a counterpoint to all the others that are out there. This calendar will feature actual working/trials BCs and their handlers in all their mud covered glory, along with trials and clinic dates for the year. This will be put together by volunteers and all net proceeds will go to the USBCC.


To do this right, we’ll need great photographs. What we’re primarily looking for are action shots of dogs and handlers working stock, at trials or on the ranch. Preference will be given to well composed, lit or scenic shots that look good in the large calendar format, and we prefer dogs quietly and intensely working. We will also need permission from the subject(s) if their identities are clearly apparent.


As this is strictly a volunteer effort to support the USBCC, we cannot offer payment for the photograph. However, all rights, other than a one time use right for inclusion in the calendar, will remain with the photographer.


Please send photos (along with release info below- cut & paste) to USBCCPix at gmail dot com. All submissions should be made by October 31, 2011. Photos must be no smaller than 11x11 and 2300 pixels @ 200dpi. Please include dog's name & owner info and photographer info as you would like it to be displayed on the calendar. Once sufficient pix are collected we will set up a poll to decide the winners.


Photos submitted without a release will not be accepted & will be deleted.


Copyright release:


I, ______________, am submitting the attached photograph to the USBCC boards photo/calendar contest. I certify that I am the sole copyright holder for the attached photograph. I acknowledge that the submission of this photograph for consideration constitutes permission for inclusion in the USBCC 2012 calendar. Further, if the photograph is selected for the calendar, I waive all claims to any compensation, financial or otherwise.


Dog(s):______________ (eg: Johnson's Ben)

Handler:_____________ (if clearly visible)

Photographer: __________ (eg: bigbluepix.com or Suzy Johnson)



Signed Date

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