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Another 15 dogs in TX

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Another large rescue in Texas :( ....forwarded from an email group...


Earlier in the week, Border Collie Rescue Tx answered a call to help a gentleman who could no longer care for his 13+ Border Collies. Three of our reps went to his home on Tuesday and rescued 7 of them. The rest were fearful and had taken refuge under the house. The team left crates with the man with instructions on how to catch them. The team returned on Friday and came back with 8 more Border Collies.


All of the Border Collies are in area vet clinics receiving much needed care. Several are heartworm positive, a lot of them have bad ear infections and other issues. A majority of them are very obese and will need to lose weight. They are all fearful and shy. The man interacted with them so they do warm up to human interaction a little faster than the puppy mill rescue dogs but since they've never been anywhere else their entire life, they will need a lot of patience and loving training to introduce them to the world.


This is our third large rescue in less than a year so we badly need funds to help with their care. These rescues are very expensive, not just because of the numbers, but also because of their years of neglect.


We also badly need experienced foster homes. We have found with the past two rescues that rewards come slowly with these dogs, but when they come, they are huge!


If you'd like to see pix and updates of these beautiful dogs, you can donate and get to their page from our main site:


The indivdual dog listings are at:


These dogs are not available for adoption yet, but to foster, the app is at:

Foster Application

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Thanks! Not sure what's going on in TX these days.


Those of us in rescue here in Texas are wondering the same thing! I volunteer with All Border Collie Rescue and it's incredible the number of dogs we're seeing this year - everything from newborn pups to seniors. Quite a few of the dogs appear purebred. Fortunately, we're being able to place dogs fairly quickly - a lot of them are going out of state; we placed 2 in Colorado about a month ago! And a Minnesota rescue works with us to take dogs.


And it's not just border collies - the local SPCA and other public shelters have had dogs for adoption as low as $10 (vaccinated, altered and chipped) with cats being free because they have just been inundated with cats and dogs - many of them pregnant or with a litter!

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