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Sheep acting like dog


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Our Lamb Chops was bottle raised, along with his twin Tulip. They were very, very tiny -- actually two of triplets (the third didn't survive). Tulip is a sheep but Lamb Chops must have realized he needed to try harder - be a standout in the crowd as he was indeed destined to be "lamb chops" until fate intervened in the form of DH who, when asked if he would like to take another lamb home, looked down at the one standing at his feet, sighed and said, "Yeah, I'll take this one..." Lamb Chops was whethered and came home with us.


Lamb Chops and Tulip were nurse maided by a Border Collie (our pups mother) and I really think that Lamb Chops imprinted on her! Many of his behaviors seem to be more dog-like.


He is devoted to my husband. When DH is doing something, he's right there with him to the point that he nearly got the end of his nose taken off by a paslode framing nailer when DH was building a creep pen for the Shetland lambs. Yesterday when DH had the Kaboda out widening the ditch in the pasture to accommodate the water coming through the pasture, Lamb Chops spotted him and went pelting out of the barn, prepared to brave the flooding creek to get to him. He was actually starting to wade into the water when I got him to turn back by banging on the grain bin.


He'll be worked by the dogs, but he's so disappointed to be considered a sheep that it's almost cruel to do so... I usually just let him fall back out of the way until we're finished. Then, he comes up to stand beside me and the dog will bring him into the flock and we all walk back to the barn together.


Lamb Chops, helping to build the creep pen


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I had a little bottle baby that I tried so hard not to let her get attached to anything but sheep. But she attached to Mick while he was laying around on the porch. She would do little outruns with Mick, who couldn't believe he had a baby lamb running by his side.

He was good to her, never even shooed her away.

We named her Ramora after the tiny fish that suck onto sharks and whales.

Mick was glad when she found her forever home!

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