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Board mojo is working! This afternoon I visited Kit at the animal hospital. It is an understatement to say that I was utterly astonished at what I saw. I expected to be ushered to the back room to see her while she was in a crate, or still hooked up to an IV, but instead I was escorted to an exam room/office where I waited for her to be brought to me. The room had several memorials and photos of dogs that had previously passed. Luckily for me, there was a box of kleenex there, of which I generously availed myself while waiting.


I fully expected to see my girl either carried in, or enter shuffling, dazed, bedraggled and disoriented. Instead, she came prancing like she was competing at a dog show :D!! Tears of joy flowed as I restrained myself from hugging her so tightly her delicate condition would be compromised. The vet who performed the surgery said he was amazed at how well she is doing at this early stage of her recovery, and marveled at what a tough little dog she is. One would hardly guess she is 10. Then he invited me to take her for a short walk if I wished--you bet I do! But, I was still so afraid I would break her. She trotted ahead of me at the end of the leash as we explored the wooded trail next to the facility for a short distance. I marveled at her resilience, although she is so painfully thin. Her shoulders, ribs and backbone are prominent, even through her rough coat. I thought to take a photo using my cell to post, but I don't know how to upload it, so I skipped it.


Assuming she continues to thrive, tomorrow morning she will be given some ice chips. If she can keep the liquid down, she'll be given some soft food in the evening. And if all goes well with that, I can bring my girl home on Thursday!! A heartfelt thank you for all your well wishes. She still has a long recovery ahead, so please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

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