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Any Flyball people going to Can-Am in Indiana ?


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Hi, Kat! You already know we're not going, but I hope y'all have a blast. I expect many updates on FB. :)


Hi Paula !


You have no idea how much Clean Break wishes the Barkaneers were going ! But we absolutely can't wait to go back to Georgia :D

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I'll be there. :) I'm with Launch from Colorado. And I'll be helping organize the event. We have about a 17 hour drive!



A 17 HOUR drive AND helping organize the event, I'm suddenly feeling very inadequate :blink:


I'm going to look for Launch ! I love the gift bag exchange idea, still waiting to get our team's name.We are all so excited ! If you need any help with anything, come get me-Kat on Clean Break.

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OK, that's a pretty awesome combo of dogs. Please tell me the Yorkies do flyball and you have pics!!

Yes the yorkies play. Teddy should get his FMCh at Can Am. Lollie is just starting out. Will see if Lisa (owner) will send me a couple to post.


Dixie Flyers

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