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New Patrick Shannahan DVD


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Patrick Shannahan has released the first DVD in a series of three DVD's in training, "Building a Winning Team-Off to a Good Start."



Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan as he takes us on the journey of training a winning team. Utilizing his method of developing a line of communication and mutually understood language, this series will take you through the process of picking a pup all the way to having a well trained dog. Whether you need a dog for work around the your farm or you want a highly trained dog for trialing, Patrick Shannahan's training methods have stood the test of time.

First in the DVD series, Off to a Good Start, shows how important communication is between you and your pup. You will get to see what training a young dog looks like when it goes well and also how it can go wrong. Patrick will start with a variety of dogs that will demonstrate how pressure, voice, correction and respect work together to develop a relationship with your dog. Once this relationship is formed you will be on your way to Training a Winning Team.


DVD's can be order through his website:


patrick DVD frontCover2b.pdf

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